Holder Resources Inc.

  • Stand: E05
  • Location: Guyana
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Commodities: Gold
  • Other Commodities: Timber
  • Project Stages: Production

Holder Resources Inc. (HRI) blends a rich mining heritage with innovative sustainability initiatives. Founded on the legacy of the Mishleau family, whose mining roots date back to the 1930s, HRI has evolved to be a key player in both gold mining and sustainable logging in Guyana. Building upon its 30-year strategic network in the region, HRI is not only recognized for its gold production but also its commitment to eco-conscious logging practices, especially following the EU-Guyana Timber Agreement. Prioritizing both community and conservation, HRI leads with a vision to harmonize traditional industries with modern, sustainable approaches, positioning itself as a pioneer in Guyana's rapidly emerging market.

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