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ALS is a publicly listed company (ASX: ALQ) and today is a global provider operating in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector. With over 19,000 employees globally, ALS delivers a diverse range of services from over 350 locations operating in more than 70 countries across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australasia and Europe.

ALS has demonstrated over 40 years of strong business performance with global revenues exceeding $2.4 billion and reputation built on quality, client service, innovation, and technical excellence. The Company continues to remain at the forefront of the testing services industry as a provider of choice on a global scale, servicing government, multi-national companies, manufacturers, retailers, consultants, and mining companies across the world.

ALS Geochemistry
ALS Geochemistry has been a purveyor of analytical geochemical services on a continuous basis since 1966 with more than 80 commercial laboratories operating under a hub and spoke business model unique to the geochemistry sector. Rather than operating a collection of individual laboratories, ALS Geochemistry laboratories are a truly integrated network. Wherever in the world samples are received, they can be processed for any sample preparation or analytical technique, either by the local laboratory or by quick transport to another location with guaranteed consistency and oversight.

Analytical procedures appropriate for all elements of interest to an explorer or metal producer are available for clients engaged in exploration, mine grade control, concentrate and bullion determinations, acid-base accounting, as well as process plant control. 

Our standard range of analytical methods covers all commodities of interest from precious metals to iron ore and industrial minerals.

Services Offered
•    Analytical Geochemistry for all mineral derived commodities
•    Accurate, high precision determinations for bullion and ore concentrates
•    Ultra-trace level and multi-element determinations for exploration vectoring
•    Hydrogeochemistry, lithogeochemistry and acid-base accounting services
•    Mobile laboratory facilities setup for both sample preparation and analysis
•    Mobile sample preparation facilities upgrade to full service analytical laboratories
•    New & existing mine site laboratories operation, management and maintenance
•    Core cutting and core storage services
•    Secure access to data, photo-archive and quality control information via WebtrieveTM web-based data service
•    A range of hyperspectral solutions including automated web-based integration of data sets
•    CoreViewerTM – put it all together in WebtrieveTM, core strip logs with geochemical and other data embedded into Leapfrog, Maptek Vulkan, Micromine and IOGas 3D modelling programs
•    Environmental, Inspection, Mineralogy and Metallurgy services



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