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Conundrum is a team of process engineering enthusiasts and AI experts with a strong background in mathematics and physics. Many team members also hold doctoral degrees in these fields.

Our Focus
Conundrum specialises in developing advanced machine learning software tailored for the metals and mining industry's digital transformation. The goal is to provide groundbreaking solutions that redefine the way mining operations are conducted.

Why Metals & Mining
Metals and mining play a pivotal role in the modern economy. The belief is that by embracing digital transformation, this industry can realise substantial financial benefits and make significant progress toward sustainable mining.

Introducing the Solution: Conundrum Plant-Wide Optimization (CWO) AI Engine
Conundrum’s flagship product, the Conundrum Plant-Wide Optimization (CWO) AI Engine, is specifically designed to analyse and manage the Crushing, Sorting, and Floatation circuit within mining operations. This robust software solution offers an integrated control framework that leverages real-time plant data to optimise all process units within the circuit.

Advantages of the CWO AI Engine

  • Improved throughput through reduced processing times and enhanced energy efficiency
  • Increased utilisation rates for process units
  • Enhanced safety measures against bottlenecks
  • Improved operational efficiency with minimal human intervention
  • Achievement of these Outcomes by the CWO AI Engine through Three Main Steps
  • Multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms
  • Tuning of multiple stochastic models through simulations, forming the basis for empirical models
  • Closed-loop control using model forecasts at various time points

Key Features

  • High project success rate
  • Swift deployment with existing solutions
  • Extensive expertise in ore refining processes
  • Comprehensive three-level support for ongoing solution maintenance
  • Flexible deployment options: cloud or on-premises
  • Seamless integration with SCADA systems through common exchange protocols
  • Building solutions doesn't require coding skills—only subject matter expertise and basic control principle understanding
  • Easy adaptability through Pipeline Framework technology for creating customizable computation pipelines
  • Enterprise-level security and reliability
  • Robust monitoring capabilities

Interested parties are invited to explore more about the Conundrum CWO solution and discover the achievement of an impressive +2.6% increase in throughput. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and explore how our innovative software can transform your mining operations.

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