Expert Geophysics

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Expert Geophysics Limited (EGL) provides airborne geophysical surveys worldwide specialising in both passive and active electromagnetic methods. EGL offers the latest innovations in these technologies to the mineral exploration, oil and gas and geothermal industries, among others. The principals of the company have combined over 120 years of experience in the development, operation, data processing and interpretation of helicopter borne electromagnetic systems, and since 2016 the company has contributed significantly to their numerous clients’ successes. EGL’s flagship technology is the Mobile Magnetotellurics system (MobileMT) which is the most advanced generation of airborne AFMAG technology. MobileMT provides resistivity mapping to depths and over a range of resistivities unequalled in the airborne survey industry. EGL have recently extended the range of the company’s innovations to offer the hybrid TargetEM system. TargetEM is a new generation airborne EM system that, in addition to providing time domain data with noise levels and bandwidth unequalled in the industry, measures the AFMAG and ELF field data to augment the time domain data.



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