Hamilton Court FX

Resourcing Tomorrow

Established in 2011, Hamilton Court is a market-leading foreign exchange brokerage authorised and regulated in the UK, Italy, Canada. We work in partnership with public and private institutions, corporate entities, and high net worth individuals across the globe to deliver meaningful value and build lasting relationships.    

Hamilton Court offers an unrivalled suite of hedging solutions within the market, along with a dedicated team of regulated individuals who provide bespoke solutions for our clients' requirements. In doing so, we help our customers navigate the volatility of the foreign exchange market through utilising a range of products from simple hedging strategies to complex regulated structured products.  

Our round-the-clock trading desk and in house settlements team also ensure that our clients can benefit from being able to execute everything from a same-day spot trade for the start of the session in Spain, Singapore, or Sweden to a multi-optioned structured product for a merger in Iceland, Ireland, or Italy.  

We appreciate the value that technology brings, but also know that there is a no substitute for decades of experience. That’s why we combine a true blend of personalised client service backed by powerful in-house technology.  Find out more at https://hamiltoncourtfx.com/  



Resourcing Tomorrow positions your organisation as a thought leader, helping to drive the energy transition. Sponsoring or partnering with Resourcing Tomorrow will help you reach new markets, cement relationships with existing clients, and elevate your brand position on a global level.