Resourcing Tomorrow

K-MINE is a stand-alone application for the mining industry. It aims to cover most operational needs, such as 3D modeling, resource estimation, planning, equipment management, and so on.

The company’s business model is based on the policy of maximized optimization and the ultimate belief that software should be designed around a company and its needs, accounting for each detail of the process.

In K-MINE, we believe that no business should try to fit their tasks into default solutions, especially when it comes to the mining industry.

This approach created the company 30 years ago and now, K-MINE's software contains 12 modules for open pit and underground mining, that can be configured, adjusted, and enhanced for each deposit.

The application is based on its own patented graphic core, which processes the information faster, and is proven to provide more precise calculation and estimation whether it comes to resource and reserve estimation, or how many explosives and charges you need.

Each module is based on the real use case of a company we worked with, and each of these modules keeps expanding with additional features, calculation methods, and tools. 

Besides modules, K-MINE offers custom add-ons that can enhance these modules with additional tools by getting information from dispatch and fleet management equipment, drilling machines, or other hardware, that captures data in real-time.

Any of K-MINE’s modules can be used as a stand-alone module and used in conjunction with each other, so each company can pick its own set of modules, covering its own specific workflow.

K-MINE provides one digital space where all geologists, mine engineers, and surveyors can work together, exchanging information, and receiving real-time data from the site. The company offers specialists the ability to edit their calculations if there are changes in the mine.  This way mining managers and directors can get an up-to-date summary of the situation on the mine, and make a decision faster when it comes to the changes in the site or the market.

Today K-MINE is widely used by companies of different sizes for open pit and underground mining with over 5,000 surveyors, geologists, mining engineers, designers, and technicians leveraging its solutions on a daily basis.



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