Critical Minerals Ministerial Roundtable & Ministerial Reception


The Critical Minerals Ministerial Roundtable

Hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Critical Minerals, and is powered/supported by the Critical Minerals Association (UK) and Resourcing Tomorrow

The Resourcing Tomorrow team are delighted to be partnering with the Critical Minerals Association (UK) to organise a three-hour Ministerial Roundtable, hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Critical Minerals. This will be open to governments who are participating in Resourcing Tomorrow. The goal is to facilitate better dialogue between mineral-rich countries and end users, as well as set a roadmap for collaboration between key stakeholders and mineral-rich countries. This roundtable will be followed by a private networking reception. We anticipate over 20 government delegations.  

The Ministerial Roundtable will be primarily for countries that are not MSP members. At the same time, there will be a Business Networking Session for MSP members at a separate Critical Minerals Association Event at the Royal Geological Society.

Critical Minerals Ministerial Reception 

This is a two-hour reception at the River Terrace, House of Commons. All Ministers (both MSP and non MSP) and the entourages would be invited, along with relevant UK Government officials. Countries that will be attending include Australia, Armenia, Canada, Chad, Nigeria, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyz Republic, the Czech Republic, Portugal and the USA. For those interested in participating in either the Ministerial Roundtable or Reception, please contact Alex Grose at [email protected]