At Beacon Events, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and creating a sustainable future

While we understand the impact of exhibitions on the environment, our goal is to create memorable experiences that not only inspire but also respect and preserve our planet for future generations.

We continue to review and update our sustainability policies to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of sustainable exhibition practices.

An embodiment of this commitment is our choice of venue, the London Business Design Centre (BDC), which proudly holds a B Corp Certification. This certification underscores the venue's adherence to high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency across various domains, including employee benefits, charitable initiatives, and environmental improvements.

Keep reading to see more of the sustainability initiatives:

Resourcing Tomorrow continues to work with the BDC to ameliorate sustainability practices. Together with the BDC, Beacon Events endeavors to not only deliver exceptional events but to demonstrate a relentless commitment to sustainability & sustainable practices.